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Hi there! My name's Jaelynn, and it's my unparalleled privilege to be your Democratic candidate for State Representative in Kansas' bustling 105th District - the gateway to west Wichita. I'm a transgender woman and self-employed in the audio production industry, principally working with eLearning voiceovers.

My adult life has been all about helping others and making the world around me better than I found it. From law enforcement to radio, from the home security industry to advocating for LGBTQ+ equality and rights, the heart and soul of my work is to look beyond my own interests and make positive change.

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- A lifelong Kansan

- A working class citizen

- A musician

- A listener

- A helper

- A pragmatic collaborator

- A transgender woman

- A citizen of the Cherokee Nation

- An eternally hopeful dreamer

- Dedicated to service

Who I am:


I've entered the race for State Representative because I perceive a disheartening unwillingness by many of our current legislators to listen to the voices of their constituents; to encourage discourse and citizen involvement in government; or to consider opinions outside the party line, let alone buck against the party line when it's in the best interests of the people.


Listening. This simple but key part of a State Representative's job, has gone unfulfilled in the 105th District for too long. As a progressive, I believe my duty is to create positive change with a spirit of collaboration and inclusion. With your help, I will fight to bring a government that's truly of, by, and for the people back into vogue.


Your contribution is so important! Regardless of the amount, it all helps. It helps get the word out that voters in the 105th District have a choice, it helps us reach folks who want to be heard, and ultimately, it will help us bring change to the State House. Our victory in this race will make a difference - for the citizens of the 105th District, but also across Kansas.


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